Development is the key to peace in this fast changing era of global integration. Positive progression through holistic development is the pre-requisite for national unity and integration. An important feature is the equitable empowerment of all sections of the society which includes all categories of people. Under various surveys it was reported that minorities were generally faring poorly in various development indicators.

Objectives And Approach

  • Objectives

    Population wise Nagaon is largest District of Assam, having population about 28 Lakhs. The Literacy rate is 62% but there is very high rate unemployment among educated youths.

    Nagaon is a treasure trove of ethnic fusion. The Multi-Sectoral Development Plan (MSDP) is aimed at ensuring an equitable Development of minority dominated districts. The Government of India and Government of Assam seek to overcome any development deficit through particular attention being given to the district through special programme to overcome the development deficit through equitable development of the people of the district.

  • Approach

    MSDP was formulated on the basis of the actual assessment of the Development deficit through an independent base line survey conducted by an NGO, namely, Shri Omeo Kumar Institute of Social Change and Development, Guwahati. The Development plan aims at a Multi Sectoral approach to holistic development of the Citizen as well as the District as a whole. In this regard the survey findings are kept as the touchstone in the preparation of MSDP.